The Meeker Adventure Day One

The ‘Meeker’ Adventure has begun! My flight from Indianapolis to LA was very uneventful. I had a window seat with no one beside me. The flight was smooth and very pleasant.
However, once I got to LAX, that all changed! I had about an hour to get to my next flight, use the restroom and grab a bite to eat. I got off the plane, looked for the boards for my connecting flight and could not find any information. I finally found someone to ask and she told me to go to Gate 32b to catch a shuttle to my next flight. So I went to the restroom, got food and went and sat at Gate 32b. At 8:25 PM, some lady made an announcement for a shuttle for American Airlines flights had arrived. I sat there and continued to eat my dinner, since my flight was Alaska Air. At 8:27 PM, I decided to check in the status of my shuttle and the same lady told me that was my shuttle and I had missed it. I asked her why she didn’t say anything about my flight or Alaska Air in her announcement, and she looked at me like I hadn’t even asked the question. Instead, she told me that I could do a 6 minute brisk walk to my gate. The plane was scheduled to take off at 9 PM. I said ok, no biggie. She gave me crazy directions and off I went. I went through 2 parking garages, the international concourse and after walking 10 minutes and realizing that I was still a ways off, I started running! I had to go outside, which meant I had to go back through security. After sprinting for ever (with a huge backpack on) I made it to the right concourse, and went through security. They had to scan my laptop 3 times and finally I was good to go and run 6 gates to my flight. I made it with no time to spare! I was actually late, but there were like 5 other people that were late, so they were waiting. I got to my seat and got settled only to realize that in the confusion at security, I had left my cell phone in one of the bins. Luckily, it is just a trac phone and I can get another and keep my number and minutes. But it was a heck of a Meeker Adventure. I finally got to be ‘that guy’ running through the airport.
Nathanael and Holly picked me up and we were up until 3 AM yacking in their apartment. Today, Sunday, we are going to the fish market and seeing the space needle! I’ll blog more later!


2 comments on “The Meeker Adventure Day One

  1. Jay Wile says:

    Did you jump a suitcase while you were running through the airport? I always wanted to do that.

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