Week 1, Day 1

Today I exercised 1.74 miles.  I am utilizing a Couch to 10k program, so it had me rotating between walking and running.  It actually felt good to run.  My left foot is now bothering me, like the heel or arch is bruised.  I’ve not had this in the past, so I hope it passes.  I did my first weigh in… and I am at 210 pounds of sexy awesomeness.  Well, I’m 190 pounds of sexy awesomeness and 20 pounds of fatty yuckiness.  My goal is drop 20 pounds and get me back to my weight from 10 years ago.

My net calories goal is 1,952 daily and today I consumed 2,244, I burnt 292 through exercise, which brought me to 1,952.  I wasn’t planning on eating every calorie today, but what can I say?  My perfection was unintentional!

I also had 4 large glasses of water today, and 1 – 32 ounce Rickers’ Diet Mt. Dew.  Much better than the 44 ounce I usually get.

Tomorrow, I am going to try some some upper body weight training on the Wii… I’ve not done that before, so I am anxious to see what Wii has me do.

Until tomorrow… Future posts will be more concise. 🙂


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